DOSS Cloud Fox Wireless Wi-Fi music Speaker system Review

DOSS Cloud Fox Wireless Wi-Fi music Speaker system Review

The DOSS Wireless Wi-Fi music Speaker system was a great find for me. I currently use an old sound bar in the garage and an extremely expensive high end (Definitive Technology – W Studio Soundbar with 8″ Wireless Subwoofer and Wi-Fi Music Streaming) sound bar for the living room with a smattering of other speakers around the house. Now I will not be comparing the sound bars to the DOSS Wireless Wi-Fi music Speaker system because they are very different in what they can do and the sound quality capabilities of each. But as a reference point I have the high and basic models of speakers so I know the difference in sound quality and can hopefully give you a bit reference point on the quality.
I’ll be skipping the specs and unboxing as you can see that with other reviews so I won’t waste your time with it. My take on this speaker will be the ease of use, sound quality with how I use it and what I can see myself using it for in the future.


20160220_131916I really like this speaks and here is why. The ability to connect wirelessly instead of Bluetooth is a huge plus in my book. There are two major reason I like this connection method. The first is I have a much larger area that I can use it in. I start my music in my office on one side of the house and as I decide to head to the garage I can just pick it up and head out. I don’t need to worry about the phone being close because the Wi-Fi reaches from one end to the other. With the ability to preprogram stations into the speaker I can change the music I’m listening too and move from one room to another. For example, if you have something light and relaxing on in the office and decided that it’s time to head to the garage I can change that music to something more upbeat by just hitting one button. If I use my phone like every other Bluetooth speaker I have to go through many steps to achieve this. Can we say not fun and this is a great solution? The second reason I love the Wi-Fi is the sound quality that is available through Wi-Fi. The compress you have happen in Bluetooth can really ruin the music by the time the speaker puts it out.


20160220_131736I have not tested all the features such as DLNA streaming but for the rest I have had a good experience and the quality has been above par. What I mean by this is I have not experience a delay of spotty music where it drops off or any issue like this. I’ll talk sound quality in a bit. The programming of buttons (six stations) is a great idea. As I said before you can just hit the button and start the next type of music on your Pandora or iHeartradio. I love that I can stream local stations through iHeartradio so I don’t need the radio in the shop and can use one device. To each his own when it comes to how you get your music but I find a few solutions and tend to stick with them if they work well and google iHeartradio is one of them.20160220_131653


One feature I think is great is how you can have multiple speakers and make them work in stereo. You can see this in the software and I can imagine this working well. I only have the one speaker so I have not tried it but if you want to drop two or four in a room for a better quality sound I think this would be a great added feature.


As I mentioned before I have the high end and low end of the sound systems in my home and when I hear a song on the high end I experience a clear sound in all ranges. This is what I expect and I have paid the money to get it. So taking that into account I started the DOSS Wireless Wi-Fi music Speaker system and found the volume level to be outstanding while the music remained understandable. With most battery powered speakers as soon as you turn them up they start to distort. I did not experience this which I can guess that based on the design of four speakers and how they handle the bass they have a great solution here. My only criticism on sound is that it comes across muddy. What I mean by muddy is the highs are not too high and the lows are not booming. Of course I do not expect it to boom based on the size but because the highs are not there is does not give me that impact of a song that I was expecting.


Over all I really like this speaker. The features it provides are great and at the price of around $100.00 I am overly impressed with the complete system. I could use a better range on the music for the highs and lows but as I moved it to the garage I did not notice the sounds quality issue. In the house you can tell but outside you cannot. As for the 16 hours of battery life and a charging base this has been one of the best solution I have come across at this price. If you’re looking for a great all around speaker that can move around the house or head to the deck, then this is perfect. If you’re an audiophile, you may find this lacking in that area. Everyone has a different ear for sound so I asked my wife to listen to this speaker and she normally could care less what they sound like. This one was an exception and she did not care for the sound. Just a different perspective to think about. I did find and issue while the manual says once you launch the program you will not need your phone you do have to launch the program each time you turn the speaker on and off. I wish it would make its own connection but I’m sure that feature would add to the cost greatly.20160220_131811


Bottom line this is a great all around speaker that can travel with you and be used for the average weekend of music before recharging. The look and size are perfect with an appearance of quality that matches the overall function. I would say this is priced just right but could draw an additional few dollars if the highs were sharper and clean.

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